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Stuck With Villaraigosa For Another Term

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LA Magazine Villaraigosa Failure

The picture says it all.  I still can’t believe that so many people were stupid enough to vote for him… twice.  With the exception of the two crazy socialists, ANY of the other candidates would have done a better job than Villaraigosa, including Zuma Dogg (haha).

How do you feel about Villaraigosa?


Written by Annie

July 2, 2009 at 6:02 pm

UCLA Protest for Affirmative Action

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I was walking to class at UCLA when all of a sudden I saw a big group of people protesting with signs and native drums. I had no idea what was going on, and what I got out of the two seconds I spent speaking with one of the guys, they were upset that Native Americans were underrepresented at UCLA. The guy also told me that they were against the passing of Proposition 209, which removed affirmative action out of California schools.

Proposition 209 largely prohibited state and local governments from classifying people by race or ethnicity, making school administrations look at applicants “holistically” instead of dividing up the sections of the application between people. This makes sense because it makes the school officials get a better understanding of the student, along with any hardships they may have encountered. It’s a great idea and I don’t understand why people have a problem with it. If anything, the holistic approach benefits the “minorities” because if they had any obstacles they encountered, it is better understood by the reader as they put the puzzle pieces together.

I asked the guy why someone who is more qualified should be rejected just so another student gets accepted for the mere fact of their race, and all he said to me was, “yeah, that’s what everyone says, I don’t know.” The dude was protesting and he didn’t even know why he was doing it. I’m sorry, but if one person is more qualified than another, it makes no sense to choose the less qualified person just because of their race… that’s what makes things racist! Asians are also minorities, but you don’t see them be considered a part of the bracket. And if that’s the approach we’re going to take, we’re all minorities because none of us can say that we are true Natives except for the Native Americans. Affirmative Action is just bologna and unfair.

How do you feel about it?

Written by Annie

April 8, 2009 at 2:17 pm

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Obama… Mark My Words

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For those of you who believed that Obama was actually going to get the troops out of Iraq within 16 months of getting into office, I almost feel sorry for you. I’ve been saying this since day one: Obama’s not going to get the troops out of Iraq until at least 2012, in which case it’s going to be something he uses to get re-elected.

That is all I’m going to say in this blog, mark my words, and I will come back to this in three years.

Written by Annie

March 10, 2009 at 7:34 pm

Mayoral Election Results: I’m Going To Remain Optimistic

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For those of you who didn’t follow the L.A. Mayoral Election, I’m sad to say that Antonio Villaraigosa won. BUT, I’m still going to remain optimistic. Why? Well, when you have great candidates out there like Phil Jennerjahn and Walter Moore, it gives me hope to know that credible and caring people actually exist. I’m not going to lie though, I am upset that a lot of people were really ignorant and voted for Villaraigosa for the sake of voting for him, but hopefully those same people will one day get the education they lack and make smarter decisions in life.

As far as the charter amendments go, the results are:

~Charter Amendment A (Fire Department Independent Assessor)- PASSED
~Charter Amendment and Ordinance Proposition B (Solar Energy)- DIDN’T PASS
~Charter Amendment C (Disabled Children Survivor Benefit of Fire and Police Pension Plan)- PASSED
~Charter Amendment D (Survivor Benefit Purchase Program For Retirees of the Fire and Police Pension Plan)- PASSED
~Charter Amendment E (Economic Incentives for Business Development)- DIDN’T PASS

What are your thoughts about the outcome of the election?

Written by Annie

March 6, 2009 at 9:44 pm

2009 LA Mayoral Debate: The Aftermath

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(One of the candidate’s campaigns was selling this t-shirt)

The 2009 LA Mayoral Election is just around the corner (March 3rd) and the Political Science Student Organization at UCLA hosted a Mayoral Debate today. Eight of the candidates participated with over eighty people in attendance. Of course, Mr. Villaraigosa wasn’t there because he is too cool to attend any of these events. I’d like to point out that if Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa receives over 50% of the vote on March 3rd, citizens of L.A. will be stuck with him as Mayor for four more years! Not one person I’ve talked to likes Villaraigosa… which means that ALL you LA residents should go out and vote… vote for ANYONE but Villaraigosa!

Students were the target for this event, but there were also outsiders. Candidates answered questions from a variety of L.A.’s most important issues, including Crime, Education, Healthcare and the Economy. Since you can Google their stance on all the issues and I can’t possibly write down what each candidate said on every issue, I’m going to make it fun and tell you what stood out to me, and the nonsense I remember:

~Carlos Alvarez–22-year old socialist, wants to disarm the LAPD(!), wants to legalize ALL illegal immigration! (Waaaaay too out there)

~Walter Moore-the middle man, has a sense of humor, wrote Jamiel’s Law (illegal immigrant gang members should be deported out of the country BEFORE they commit crimes. The current “sanctuary city” policy cost Jamiel Andre Shaw, II, his life), wants to encourage workers to move back into the city.

~Phil Jennerjahnagainst illegal immigration and the burden it’s been on taxpayers; as mayor, will have an open door policy to meet with 50 people per week to hear their concerns, which is a great idea.

~James Harris–socialist, wants to legalize ALL illegal immigration. (How can we possibly allow EVERY SINGLE PERSON into our country as a legal citizen? It doesn’t make sense, and other countries don’t even do that.)

~David Hernandez–Vietnam veteran, over 20 years experience in the Los Angeles community dealing with all sorts of problems, solid candidate.

~David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsburg–wore Dickies shoes with his suit, funny and relaxed, but I’m not too sure if he can handle the responsibilities that come with being mayor.

~Craig Rubin–had a guest appearance on the TV show ‘Weeds,’ wants to protect medical marijuana clubs by regulating and taxing it, (brought up marijuana gasoline for cars and how it’s proven to work… no it doesn’t get you high), was good with sticking to answering the questions and not going in tangents.

~Stevan Torres— write-in candidate, has a cool Grandma who owns a gun and stopped an invader from going into her house (meaning he’s for our right to bear arms).

All in all, the three candidates that stood out the most to me are Walter Moore, Phil Jennerjahn, and David Hernandez. I also liked Craig Rubin because he was practical with his answers, even though I’m anti-marijuana.

What do you guys think? Have you been following up on this election? Feel free to post your opinions, especially if you attended the event! And thank you to all who attended!

Written by Annie

February 26, 2009 at 12:23 am

LA City Mayoral Debate… TODAY!

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The Political Science Student Organization (PSSO) at UCLA has organized a debate for the upcoming Los Angeles Mayoral Elections. The event will take place today, February 25th at 6:30 pm in Haines A39. Candidates will answer questions about a variety of L.A.’s most important issues, including Crime, Education, Healthcare and the Economy. Students will be allowed to ask questions after. Candidates include:

James Harris
David Hernandez
Phil Jennerjahn
Walter Moore
Craig Rubin
Carlos Alvarez
Stevan Torres

We hope to see you all there! I’ll be posting a follow-up blog afterward.

Written by Annie

February 25, 2009 at 4:43 pm