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Easter and the Armenian Genocide

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This Easter is the 96th anniversary of the atrocious Armenian Genocide.  It’s really sad how the American government puts politics over humanity.  Aren’t we supposed to be better than that?

I’m also glad that the Kardashian sisters are brining attention to this by tweeting to their 8 million+ followers.  I was reading Kim’s Facebook page a while back and came across a post from this girl from Turkey, saying that the Armenian genocide is a lie because if it were to be true, it would be in their history books.  The ignorance got me so angry I had to stop reading.

As for all the Armenians who voted for Obama because he would recognize the Armenian genocide, -_-.


Written by Annie

April 24, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Dumblarious Video of the Week

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In case you haven’t seen it yet, one of the reasons why I love W…

Written by Annie

July 12, 2009 at 10:48 pm

Famous Armenian Actors “Garik” and “Gokor” Killed In Tragic Accident

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Aram “Garik” Miskaryan and Gegham “Gokor” Ghandilyan

Aram “Garik” Miskaryan and Gegham “Gokor” Ghandilyan, two famous Armenian actors from the show “Vorogayt” were tragically killed in a car accident on Monday around midnight.  The two of them were in the BMW which their cameraman, Edgar Ter-Adamyan, 26, was driving.  Apparently Ter-Adamyan lost control on Echmiadzin-Armavir highway and crashed into a tree.


Both Gegham Ghandilyan, 35, and Aram Miskaryan, 36, were pronounced dead on the scene.  Ter-Adamyan was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Costar Armen Marutyan, who works at the Sundukyan State Academic Theatre of Yerevan, told Armenia Now, “‘They (Gokor and Garik) were our favorites; they were intelligent, modest, and talented. It simply should not have happened.'”

“Neither man was a professional actor. Miskaryan (“Garik”) was a sportsman, head of Armenia’s Tae Kwon Do Federation. Ghandilyan (“Gokor”) was jeweler by profession.  Neither man was married nor had children.”

It is a very tragic situation that has affected thousands of Armenians around the world.  The show “Vorogayt” branched off of the popular show “Vervaratsner,” both remaining very popular in both Armenia and among Armenians in the United States.  People from all states bought satellites just to watch these two shows.

According to doctors, it seems as though it indeed was an accident.  So here’s where I come in and say, is it really necessary to drive that fast?  The driver will live with this burden on his shoulders for the rest of his life, but why should it be like that?  It’s a shame to have lost such young talented lives for a few seconds of careless driving.

What are your thoughts?

Written by Annie

June 23, 2009 at 4:02 pm

Iranians Protest in Westwood

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I was driving through Westwood today when I saw a group of Iranians, mostly middle-aged Iranian women, protest for the chaos that has been happening in Iran. They were chanting in Farsi about overthrowing the current regime, then switched to English. Below is a brief video I captured while stuck at a red light.

I’m surprised that any Iranian would be shocked that the election was rigged. I mean, really? This is the problem with a theocratic government: you have Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dictating everything, so anything he says, goes. Achmedinejad is just a figurehead who was initially voted for “economic reform and to end corruption,” but of course he’s done none.

On September 16, 2008, Kenneth Pollack gave a speech at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, saying that the current regime is willing to kill enough people and rig elections (something the Shah didn’t do), just to stay in power. This past week alone several Iranians have lost their lives while protesting in the streets. There is massive corruption, getting incrementally worse year to year.

Pollack also said the Iranian system is the most fragmented, making us (the U.S.) look like the best and structured.

I’m really glad that the citizens of Iran are finally doing something about the corruption and fighting for their rights. It’s going to take a long time, but as long as Iranians maintain their vision for a better future, great things will eventually happen for that country.

How do you feel about all the protests? Do you see change in the future?

Written by Annie

June 23, 2009 at 12:38 am

Iranian Woman’s Death on Youtube

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I saw this video on YouTube of an Iranian Woman who was shot and killed by a basij member while she was watching the protests with her father. “He had clear shot at the girl and could not miss her. However, he aimed straight her heart. I am a doctor, so I rushed to try to save her. But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that the bullet had blasted inside the victim’s chest, and she died in less than 2 minutes.”

As disturbing and horrid as the video is, it’s even more disturbing to see someone film a person’s death. I mean, think about it, the entire world watching you die… on YouTube!

In the video, the father’s saying, “Neda don’t be afraid. Neda! Don’t be afraid. Neda, don’t be afraid. Neda, stay with me. Neda, stay with me. Neda, Stay with. They killed my child. They killed my child. My child! My Child!”

How do you feel about the video?

Written by Annie

June 21, 2009 at 12:25 am

Bill Was Finally Handled

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Recently on KFI radio, Bill Handel was discussing ways to “save government money,” and suggested we start by getting rid of the Armenians and selling Glendale. When an Armenian listener, Greg Garabedian, wrote a letter explaining how he was offended by his remarks, Handel continued making fun of the Armenians and even poked fun of Greg’s last name.

Now, generally I don’t care when people make stereotypical jokes, and hey I might even throw in a few myself. What really got to me was the response made by Lara Hermanson, when she said, “What the Turks started, Bill will finish.”

(Here’s a link to the initial comments made on air:

Imagine if similar comments were made about the holocaust or slavery, all hell would have broken loose! I actually have a friend in radio who was suspended from the show because he didn’t bleep out the “n” word in time, even though his co-host, who is African-American, was the one who said it. Nothing happened to the co-host, and although that’s another long and complicated story that still pisses me, my point is that that one word became an instant controversy and steps for it were taken immediately. Yet Bill and Lara on the other hand refused to apologize, while everyone on the show bursted into louder laughter.

In due time, however, The Armenian National Committee-Western Region (ANC-WR), joined by community organizations and activists, met with Bill and the station management, and got him to acknowledge “that a line had been crossed.”

Here’s a video of the apology…

How do you feel about the insensitive and ignorant comments that were made?

Written by Annie

June 15, 2009 at 8:47 pm

94th Anniversary of a Horrible Tragedy

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“Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”–Hitler

(Pictured Above: Starved mother with child)

(Pictured Above: Heads of Armenian Intellectuals)

Today marks the 94th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and this post is dedicated to the 1,500,000 Armenians who were killed on April 24, 1915, in the Ottoman Empire. Beyond disappointing, I find it disturbing how after so many years, people still deny the genocide from happening. It’s like denying the Jewish Holocaust, in which case Hitler actually used the Armenian Genocide as his blueprint.

Denial is killing twice.

It is important to recognize events in history so that people don’t make the same mistakes. There are many groups dedicated to getting recognition for this unfortunate tragedy, and you can find basic information about it at

Below is a video of Serj Tankian (Sytem of a Down), Tom Morello and others talk about Turkey’s denial of the Armenian Genocide and urge President Obama to stand by his pledge for recognition.

Here is an Open letter to US President Barak Obama:

Dear Mr. Obama, April 24, 2009 will mark the 94th anniversary of a horrible tragedy in human history; the 1915 Armenian Genocide committed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire.
How can we forget the cries of more than 1.5 million innocent victims of this bloody massacre? They vanished almost a century ago but their voices sill echoes in our hearts.
“Why did this happen to us? Why did the world let this happen? Where is justice?”

As their decedents and conscientious human beings, we have carried on their plea for recognition of their pain and suffering. We have committed ourselves to fight until they would get their fair trial so their tortured souls would lay in peace.

Dear president, we have supported you throughout your campaign, because we believed in you and we believed that you would recognize the Armenian Genocide as “genocide” and nothing less. We know that the Turkish propaganda machine has been working very hard, trying everything to influence you, pressure you, and remind that Turkey is the ally of US. We hope that you would not give in. We hope that in your decision will be based on what is morally right, thus weighing recognition of the Armenian Genocide above all the politics.

The Armenian Genocide of 1915 still hurts and haunts us today. It is an open wound for every Armenian and for humanity. We believe that recognition of the Armenian Genocide will close one of the darkest chapters in humanity, so that we can move on, heal our hearts and rebuild our country.

How do you feel about all the lies and denials?

Written by Annie

April 24, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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