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UCSD Gives False Hope to 28,000 Students

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For most high school seniors, graduation and the transition into adulthood is just around the corner. What’s even more exciting is the “Congratulations” acceptance letters received from universities. Unfortunately, one university crushed the dreams of thousands of students when it accidentally sent acceptance letters to all 47,000+ students that had applied to the university. That school is University of California, San Diego. They somehow sent the letter of acceptance to the entire applicant poll instead of only the students who were accepted, but about two hours later sent an apology letter to everyone.

I don’t understand how such a prestigious university can make a mistake like that, and then expect everything to be okay by saying “my bad.” It must really suck to be those students who were jumping up and down out of excitement, sharing the news with friends and family, and then to later read that it was a mistake and that they had actually been rejected.

Can you imagine if this were to happen to you?


Written by Annie

April 2, 2009 at 8:39 pm

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