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How To Win A Prince’s Heart

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The Royal Wedding was today.  So, do you want to know how to win a prince’s heart, or, at least how Kate Middleton did?

1) Take your clothes off.

2) Wear black lace panties under a see through skirt.

3) Wear the see through skirt as a dress.

That’s it!  Yes, she planned it all.  Yes, she had a boyfriend at the time, which is pretty shady.  Nonetheless, I did like her wedding dress!

(Picture from her college fashion show which Prince William attended.)


Written by Annie

April 29, 2011 at 11:19 am

Doctors Forced to Let 26-Year Old Die

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On September 18, 2007, 26 year-old Kerrie Wooltorton from eastern England swallowed antifreeze and called the ambulance soon thereafter.  Most people would assume that the reason why she called was because she wanted help, but Kerrie had actually written a letter 3 days prior, giving the doctors instructions not to save her.

Kerrie Wooltorton

Apparently Wooltorton was depressed because she couldn’t conceive a child, and she didn’t want to die alone.  Wooltorton’s family said that the doctors should have saved her regardless, but her living will prevented them to do so.  The letter was addressed to “To whom this may concern” and contained the following:

“If I come into hospital regarding an overdose or any attempt of my life, I would like for NO life saving treatment to be given… I am aware that you may think that because I called the ambulance I therefore want treatment, THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I do however want to be comfortable as nobody wants to die alone and scared and without going into details there are loads of reasons I do not want to die at home which I realize you will not understand and I apologise for this… Please be assured that I am 100% aware of the consequences of this and the probable outcome of drinking antifreeze, eg death in 95-99% of cases and if I survive then kidney failure, I understand and accept them and will take 100% responsibility for this…”

The doctors considered her to be “mentally competent to decide on treatment — or refuse it,” which is why they cannot be legally liable for anything.

I personally think she should have been saved.  According to chairman Dominica Roberts from The ProLife Alliance, “A lot of people who attempt to commit suicide are thankful they have been revived the next day.”  I just don’t see how people can let someone die like that.

How do you feel?  Do you think the doctors should have saved her?

Written by Annie

October 3, 2009 at 2:10 am